My name is Greg Francis and I’m from Brooklyn, NY. My wife and I moved to Lakeland, Florida on Christmas Day, 2015. My wife is a Queens girl who moved to the States from the Dominican Republic when she was 3 years old. When we married in 2014, we never thought we would be Florida residents. Although we’re sure our time here is just for a little while, we can already see why it is necessary for our lives, together and individually.

For me, the move from NYC was necessary for the creation of this book. I am a think too hard/feel too soon/love too deeply/junk food-eating/coffee-drinking/stare-too-long-at-pictures-I-take-for-Instagram kinda guy. I always knew that there was some place or thing that I would dump myself completely into. The sounds I’ve heard and the life I’ve seen have continuously smashed into one another, creating a movie in my mind that I never quite knew how to tell of. There’s not much more special about me other than that I am writing a book and I’m pretty excited about it.