Do You Boo-Boo (In my best Kevin Hart voice)

Have I ever told you guys about the time I accidentally got into a dance battle and lost?


Okay… A few things you need to know:

1.) “Accidentally” is the key word here.

2.) ‘You Got Served’ had JUST come out and EVERYBODY was pop-lockin’.

3.) I CLEARLY lost this battle. I mean, it was an obvious ‘L’. (i.e., 2015 Meek Mill, 2016 Rhonda Rousey, NYE 2017 Mariah Carey).

I honestly don’t even know how the circle of people formed around me. Before I knew it, I looked up and was face to face with this kid and the battle had already begun. I’ll spare you the details but what you should know is that this battle went on for more rounds than it should have. I’ll never forget that on the way home, one of my friends said, “Damn… I thought you could dance.”

I couldn’t dance.

And I knew that. The truth is I lost that battle the moment I didn’t back down.

And that’s true for me and you on any day that we begin to compete with people in things we’re not supposed to be doing. I blog and work on this ‘Bro.’ book because I believe whole-halfheartedly that I’m good at it and that I’m supposed to be doing it. But the moment I pick up a basketball, I lose. Because that’s not for me.

Hobbies are fun and I highly recommend trying new things just for the heck of it. Be silly and take chances at new things, absolutely! But your purpose in life? NEVER get that twisted. Never trade in your life’s work for something that someone else is doing really well at.

What have you become busy with that’s not for you? I mean, even if accidentally (like my dance battle). Have you gotten off track? Perhaps someone else’s success made you switch up the plans or reroute your journey.

My hope for you is that you would stick to what you’re called to. And you may even be called to many things BUT I guarantee you that the moment you compete with people in areas that are not for you, you lose. You lose the battle and you lose what you are really meant for.

Don’t worry about ‘so and so’. Stick to what you’re purposed for.

Do you, boo-boo. 😉


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