PB&J, anyone?

Okay, lets take attendance real quick… Show of hands if you typically bite off more than you can chew.. I’ll wait while you think about it…

Here, lemme help. Raise your hand if you’ve ever argued with your parents about how you could definitely eat two PB&J’s even though they urged you to, “eat what’s in front of you first and then if you’re still hungry, I’ll make another one.” That ring a bell? I mean, c’mon momma, just make two sandwiches while you’ve already got the knife and bread out, amirite?

I get the feeling that this was not just me as a kid. Even as an adult, I am constantly dreaming up these big, BIG ideas and then crawling into a ball at the thought of all it will take to pull off. You guys remember that co.hort I told you about a few weeks ago? It’s called We Are Curio and they are a bunch of cool consultants that help creatives and thinkers like myself with fine tuning and executing their ideas and brands. Well, they used a theme to get them through 2016 and even though they have a new one, I feel like their old one will still help you a TON.

You ready?

“Do What’s In Front of You”

That’s it.

Seems simple but for some of us, it’s not. Some of us are really great at coming up with these amazing ideas. Some of us get these God-sized ideas and although we love the end-goal, we panic about the details and obsess about how step 5 and 9 will get done. Here’s your task:







Stop stressing. Stop over-thinking things and just do what is in front of you.

Disclaimer: This is in no way to discredit the importance of planning and being prepared.

What this IS intended to do is to convince you that sometimes, you just gotta eat one PB&J at a time. Whatever you may be stressing about, could I suggest that you take your eyes off of the calendar for a sec and focus on what’s in front of you at the moment? It’ll relieve you of some major stress, I’m SURE of it.

Hey, I even attached an awesome graphic for you so that you won’t forget it.


#You’reWelcome 😉



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