I mean, most of you know the story of how the idea for this book began but a recent coffee date with a friend of mine helped me to see just how big this can and will be. I also attended an info night for a company named We Are Curio and a very important questioned was poised:

What is ‘Bro.’?

I thought I knew the answer to that. Before this week, I would have simply answered, “Oh, ‘Bro.’ is a book!” The former sentence is no longer true. ‘Bro.’ is more than just a book. My relationship with my brother (who so happens to be the muse for the book) is arguably one of the most important relationships in my life. Our bond is almost un-explainable and I can’t quite liken it to any of the other relationships in my life. And my guess is that if you’re a guy with a brother, you would agree that there is something very special about that brotherly dynamic.

To be clear, ‘Bro.’ is not some anti-feminist movement or an attack on any other relationship dynamic. I just really believe that there is a lot to consider when we observe the relationship between brothers and how it offers great perspective across age, race, sexual orientation and religion. I’m committed to observing brothers from everywhere in order to bring you guys something I believe is very special.

And so it’s been decided that ‘Bro.’ is bigger than this book. As much as I enjoy including you all on this journey, I believe ‘Bro.’ is also even bigger than this blog. To me, ‘Bro.’ is a movement. If I’m successful, the world will understand that ‘Bro.’ is an emphasis on the unique worldview that we get a glimpse of when we peer in through the lens of the brotherly dynamic. If you’re interested in participating in what I’m developing, I’d love for you to contact me; especially if you and your bro are interested in being briefly interviewed for the blog.

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28 thoughts on “What is ‘Bro.’?

  1. itskatburns says:

    You have an incredible gift of beautifully crafting words. If there’s anyone with the ambition and drive to write THE book the world is waiting for, it’s you! I mean that. I can’t wait to watch this unfold! Mike, Ben, and I want to preorder at least 15 (signed!!!) copies. Also, we’re not against touring with you and being your book signing hype men. What? Authors deserve that too!


  2. Shaniqua White says:

    Looking forward to it Bro! (Did you peep the same less plug already?) Almost everything and anything you’ve ever put our mind to you’ve managed to try/ do. Not sure which route you’re taking, but if you need me to remind you of any of those “fond” memories we had growing up, I’m here! P.S. I kinda feel a way that it’s named after Bro 👀 J/K. I love you 💙 And I can’t wait to start this journey with you.


  3. Miriam Hunt says:

    All I heard thus far is Amazon publishes for free. I’m almost done with mine.
    Praying what next Lord ?, after I finish reading it for myself and re-editing it.
    So meet you there my fellow writer.
    Praying for you already.
    Chap. Hunt


  4. Elise Sterling-Smith says:

    Let me know if you need a lil reminder on how some people we know used to sneak into movies theaters through hotels or how someone pretty much became a phenom at a high school they never attended <3.

    P.s. Will it have pictures…
    P.P.S It should
    P.P.P.S If not the next one DEFINITELY should have pictures…. (of course next one because can't stop one stop bad boy baby <3)


  5. Dimarie Michel says:

    Congrats I can’t wait to see how this book will be the bestseller ever!!!! I will like to pre-order one for myself autographed as well please!!!! May God continue to bless you and direct you through this amazing journey.


  6. Jon Collado says:

    Take my money!!! You had me at “BRO”. Can’t wait to read this! Congratulations on this new journey….I know it’s gonna be amazing! By the way….Big Cush still owes you $5….lemme know if you need it. Next time I’m in the hood I’ll holla at him and send it over. 😉


  7. Robin says:

    Mere words cannot express my love, admiration and sheer gratitude towards you. GOD has great things in store for you. I love you as though you were my son. If there is anything I could do for you, I will. Thank you for allowing me to take this journey with you. I am looking forward to it as well as my autographed copy.


    1. brobook89 says:

      I love you to the moon and back. I really appreciate the way you’ve contributed to my life, even before I could form words. I’m definitely gonna be pushing through with you in mind. I promise to make it great.


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